June 26, 2017

so the yada yada
and the yakity yak
and the, so this is why
and the, this is who
and what, where 
and the objections 
and the clearing of the air
and the clarification 
and the statement of authenticity 
and the truth of the matter 
and the he said she said 
and the po...

September 14, 2015


they had a great sale at Aaron Bros so i bought the 30"x 48" canvas for about 35 bucks.


this was a good sign.


moved to my hometown 10 days ago.  what can i say ?  it's been 'good' and 'bad'.  as if that even comes into it.  however my childhood self was knee jerking a...

August 15, 2015

your ducks need to be in a row




you should put in more hard work


not gonna


success is measure in, well, success


who says so


pings mean you're popular


too many people know me already


you gotta make a living


don't gotta


the love of money is evil


i polish my gold



August 11, 2015

the arduousness of this

other's take it personally


the face in the mirror

frightened by the wide open spaces

have abandoned 

their selves to the smallness 

of the gaol


cast off the other's

cares and worries

concerning my well being 

as it applies to their well being


July 26, 2015

day 47


more cleaning and a slicing and dicing of the things that connects me to the past


stopped meaningless dating long ago


had disabled my dating sites


and today, deleted the OkCupid Me Forever


he's coming another way


turned off my TV - SO thought i would miss That,...

July 16, 2015


walkabout- oh, let's say around day 17


careening down winding levee road 


back peddling furiously away from the cliff of the unknown 


my scaredy catz need to KNOW how it's gonna BE, and


have worn them selves out computating contemplating evaluating ruminating fumigati...

March 31, 2015


she regretted the car almost immediately.  it was just a run-of-the-mill thing.  silver.  kinda pretty.  everyone thought it looked nice.  but it was made outta a whole lot of plastic.  it just wasn’t her.  but it was practical and she was being very practical in thos...

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