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the first step is a doozy!

well, here i sit with my website guru, whose name happens to be Art, ain't that appropriate..! and at an internet cafe, -- hey, what's with the sign on the door... no live birds or animals allowed... is someone bringing in something that's not live?

and...i've got writers block. ha! so i sit and i sit and eat my breakfast sandwich,

which is pretty yummy by the way...

and i am learning by leaps and bounds.... well, more like inches, and crawling, on how to do this computer thing.... guess it's never too late to teach an old dog... as the saying goes. Arty says watching me edit my website is like watching paint dry, which makes me laugh loudly, disturbing the peace of this bookstore. to a 'puter wiz like Arty, guess it's hard for him to watch my painfully slow progress.

and i don't capitalize and rarely punctuate, hope that doesn't piss you off enough to stop reading...but this site is all about freedom, and expression, and art, and the big U's (Universe) open doors....

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