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  • Sandra Lee

Step AWAY from the Editor!

UNlock WD something or other. so i try. password. type it in. shakes it's head at me. the OTHER password. clicked on the Hint. what you used to Be. ah, yes. users. well, that would be me. folders. a bunch of letters and numbers. uh, eenie meanie miney moe... pick the first set of letters and numbers. pictures. ah yes, here they are. all 6 thousand or so. scroll and scroll some more. find the folder. the ones that i took with my piece o' crap point and shoot. done. open the thumbnail. export like Arty showed me how. resize. because they are gigantic and well, they just are too big. it's in the MB category when it should be KB. Arty says that's too big. save. computer keeps telling me, cannot be saved. under current name. so i rename. that doesn't work either. huh? locked, it says. locked? who locked it... i never did... ugh. finally in exasperation the computer says, IF YA WANNA work on this pic, DUPLICATE. well, why didn't you say that in the first place i mutter under my breath. finally save to desktop and open it up to work on the color of it. adjust exposure. contrast. saturate. sharpen. crop. hmmm. how do i get rid of the shine in the upper right corner. not happening. crap. i gotta go to work. keep glancing at the ACTUAL painting above my desk. trying to make the pic and the actual, match. the painting ReBorn, gazes back at me benignly, and in pity. here i am, mother, just do it... spit spot, so i do. you're done.

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