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thank the big U and a coupla faeries!

thank U that's over!!

it's amazing how a coupla little things like losing a front tooth and then spending the next 2 days spewing vomit like that guy in Alien, (Ash, the one that they did not know was a robot) when he malfunctioned at the end and was spinning around the room and erupting in this white liquid stuff, can alter the way you see the world, at least for those 3 days.

my front tooth broke off Sunday, making me look like a crack whore, (hey i'm honest about my looks) and then on the way home from the first dentist appt i had a fabulous breakfast and started spewing about 6 hours later, in front of my clients and in my lap and in my car and side of the road. my body parts were uncontrollable, and to further upset the apple cart i had a day of crack whore low self esteem, where i felt very sorry for myself and my predicament and wrote that blog piece yesterday.

well, i still look like the cocaine addicted prostitute, but somehow getting about 9 hours of sleep last night has put things in perspective. another dentist appt this morning, then to work on clients that have been previously driving me crazy, but only because i let them. they are back in their respected spot, waiting for me to call them when i get damn good and ready.

i feel really good, and beautiful, even for a crack whore.

i feel i need to edit my text a bit. i used the term crack whore loosely, as a phrase, like i would the descriptive phraseslike, steampunk, and retro, and hillbilly, or redneck, which are all phrases that i have used to describe myself.

i am not sitting in judgement of prostitutes, frankly i think it should and is a choice, and should be legalized, nor do i judge someone who needs to use cocaine/crack or any other drug to get thru their day. that too, is a choice.

i have several friends who are addicts and several who are prostitutes and several who are not. all equally loved and respected by me.

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