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Legal, a decent cuppa

ah fuck! forgot to get coffee again. was going to try that blue bottle coffee that i had seen for sale at a nearby café, as i am a coffee snob and drink only la de da organic coffee made in my la de da French press. i AM la de da French by the way.

but it was late, and rainy, and i had a long day at my money paying job, and the café was closed anyway. considered going to a grocery chain store to grind my own beans, at least it would be organic if not blue bottle. however, since moving to aggie town i have an aversion to grocery chains… as there has been nothing but farms at which to buy stuff from. and i have been loving that. back to my french cowboy roots.

so i cruise along the main drag, and look for an open local grocery store. several are open, and they are all Mexican. fabulous! i love Mexican stores as they have all of the quirky foods that i look for. and for 20 years my mother lived in Veracruz while i was growing up in California, and i have a great closeness to the Mexican culture.

so i walk into the store and peruse the coffee section. oh. nothing but instant it seems. wow, could I do instant. would i do instant. seems like I will do instant, unless i want nothing.

perused the coffee brands to see which would be the best. uh, difficult to tell, as the labels were all in Spanish. picked up the smallest jar, which said café soluble legal on it. well, at least it’s legal coffee i thought. and soluble. cruised to the back of the store, where i witnessed something illegal i think… and thought it best i scoot outta there.

the next morning, i boil my water. and add the fake cream. powdered, no less. say to myself, well, it might as well be fake the whole way. look at what level you can fall to. oh well, life had changed radically and this is what you live for mz S. change and new experiences. outta the box. oh yeah.

settle back in bed and oh wow. spectacular coffee! had a bit of a chicory New Orleans flavor. matches my New Orleans style abode at which i now reside. instant? really? after you fell in love with Vietnamese coffee while in Vietnam and Italian espresso while you were in Italy, you coffee snob you? and the answer was si’ senore’.

looked up the word legal on my English to Spanish translation. ah, that fits. honest, decent, trustworthy. and used in a Spanish sentence, he’s a good bloke.

what lesson, oh big U, are you yet again teaching me. it’s a big one. one i am retaught and retaught until i screech uncle.

let go of what doesn’t work, honey. and embrace the new, and what does work. no matter how much your ego baby is telling you to go back to the old belief system, and blue bottle. oh that lesson is still scratching nails on a chalkboard, and i can’t yet believe it’s truth.

this is one damn good tasty decent trustworthy good bloke cup of coffee. think i may have it again tomorrow.

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