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  • Sandra Lee

Sushi Dinner

the young man with the beautiful and sweet looking pit bull was walking down the street toward me and my dinner date. he was definitely homeless, or at least traveling on foot, as i judged by his clothes and unwashed condition. i reached for the bag of very high end dog food in the trunk of the car, which i kept for my dog Picasso. as he came up to us, i went up to him and asked if he needed some dog food for his dog. he said, yes that would be greatly appreciated, so i handed him the bag. he asked, is it grain free? which made me laugh a bit, considering his situation. i assured him it was, as mr P gets only the best, spoiled little doggie that he is.

i've taken to keeping a bag of dog food in the car, and have on other occasions, seen a homeless person with a dog, and have been able to give it away to them. one lady, on an offramp, was in her 50's, with a dog, and had some fantastic story which i listened to, but for the life of me, can't remember what it was.

i asked the young man, are you hungry? he said yes, and i handed him a 20. my dinner date, handed him a 10 and said, here you go brother. we had just had a big sushi feast, my friend and i, and had marveled during dinner that we were incredibly rich, in that moment, being able to eat what we wanted, when we wanted. pretty much all the time during our life. even when we considered ourselves 'poor.'

i feel most connected to the men and boys who are on the street. maybe it's because i have 2 boys, and somehow i feel a soft spot for them, more than girls. girls seem tougher than boys, in my mind. maybe it's because i am tough, a survivor, and feel women are just the stronger sex. judgmental person that i am.

i don't give a shit about the politically correct idea about whether or not i should help others who have less than me. i do the giving for a selfish reason. i feel good when i give. nor do i judge them to be less happy than me, tho that is a more difficult idea to adopt, as naturally we humans have critical thoughts about what makes for 'happiness.'

case en pointe, the other homeless man who i passed the other night, who was delightedly eating his dinner out of a plastic container- all that he owned- beside him in a dirty heap. he waved happily to me and swung his feet. was he 'happier' than me?

and i judged, probably. that thought made me snort with a short laugh.

i have financial problems.

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