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my 2 cents worth

in this world, fear is the way things are run.

fear is the basis for seat belts, car insurance, flight insurance (what IF your flight gets canceled??!)

life insurance, health insurance (what IF you get cancer and die before a car accident takes you??!)

for the over-used phrase, Politically Correct (what IF you say what you really mean??!)

door locks, home security systems (what IF someone steals from you?)

guns, pepper spray, safety deposit boxes, the military, (what IF some country or some maniac human attacks us?)

Life Alert (what IF you fall down?!)

toothpaste and floss ( what IF your teeth fall out?)

beauty products, plastic surgery, hairdressers (what IF you look old and ugly and no one is attracted to you??)

pain killers and western meds (what IF you feel pain?)

the American Dream/Illusion, property/house, retirement, stocks, bonds, (what IF you have no money?? or what IF one day outta the blue your money isn't worth a dime??)

getting married, having a relationship (what IF no one loves you and you are alone??)

why people work 40 years at a job they hate (what IF i do what i REALLY want....?)

pay income tax when it is NOT a LAW (what IF the government tosses me in the hoosegow?)

Target credit card fraud, Facebook security, passwords to every friggin account you have (what IF someone finds and sees that naked pic your last BF took?)

guilt worry stress anxiety and all the negative emotions that keep you from the freedom from fear.... is taught to us from the time we are pushed into the world.

for any of us to say we are completely free from this fear and these belief systems are just kidding yourselves... no one even recognizes that we live in fear, we are so used to it! it's a way of life.

it takes a whole helluva lotta work to pry each and every fear from your life... but it's worth it...

fear is the basis of the question 'WHAT IF?" and the answer is, 'you're gonna die.'

so go from there. i find that oddly comforting.

okay, maybe it was 4 cents worth...

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