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i want it Raw

about to 'do' another painting. been thinking a whole lot- and i want to quit that sorta thing.

for that makes me 'think' i can control what comes out on the canvas~instead of letting the canvas or my spirit reveal what it needs to.

been allowing things of the world, and other humans, to enter into my sacred space, and have spent quite a bit of time unhooking the tiny fishhooks from my skin. it's not painful, tho it be tedious. i am saying No to others and Yes to me.

so yesterday i went to the Raw Pigment store, in the middle of San Francisco, called Sinopia. ummm, shopping for color. so yummy.

and this morning, read some of John Steinbecks Journal of a Novel-- the one where he writes a letter to his editor- every day before he writes more of East of Eden... his 'one' book. he said all authors have only 'one' book. and this one was his.

i too, am writing, of me, my life, my musings.

it's filling me up.

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