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mr P and the Orange Paint

mother of god

during the day while i was painting the ever more naughty Picasso (my weenie dog) has been 'acting out' a whole helluva lot more than usual. even for these days. in fact JUST THIS SECOND i find him digging in my tote bag for ... whatever...

so, during the day i see that the normally icky smelling paint thinner and oil paints (yes the toxic lead based cadmiums) are holding him enthralled. he's been around paints his whole life, and never seems interested. he drags a big tube of oil paint under the bed. he drags the plastic bag of raw pigment under the bed, but doesn't break the bag thank god. he digs around in my waste basket and twice i am wiping off orange/red cadmium paint off his mouth which he is yummy yummying... i even use soap and can't find out WHY all of a sudden he is EATING paint. and really don't see where he is getting mouthfuls...

so i come back into the painting area and i see that there is this large smudgy area at the bottom of the painted canvas. i look around at my clothes as i figured i brushed up against it but don't see anything. hmmm. so i fix the bottom of the painting as it is not what i finished it with.

go into town and buy some books, mr. P is in the bathroom... i let him out go and read. i hear some noise in the kitchen and mr P is LICKING and EATING the bottom of the painting - in fact he put his front paws on the painting to get a better section of orange cadmium paint. he runs from me and thru the house on my so called white-ish carpet and leaves orange paw prints and i grab him and once again soap up his mouth as he's gulping down the lead based paint.

there is nothing a doctor can do to remove lead from a human or animal once it is inside a body. or so i heard. i call the poison control center for animals and they tell me it won't kill mr P... just may make him feel a bit woozy and he may barf some orange.

i guess i should have named him Lucifer, LIKE I WANTED TO, but oh no, everyone got upset- thought i was making a prediction of his behavior... and they talked me into me naming him Picasso --

tho it stands to reason that a dog named after an artist would eat paint, but i STILL think his name should have been Lucifer-- and Luci for short. even tho he's a boy dog....

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