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another story

stepping back a bit and slippin' on the shit, catch myself, lift foot, scrape scrape. another lesson in the shit scrapin' bizness of life. keeping the hounds at bay and the hooks UnHooked is a Full time F word job. when all i wanna do is get ON with the story of James... the guy i met while in the First Class (how did that happen?) Airplane Ride Line at the very end of the mind and spirit altering trip to the Spirit Mountain in Taos while trying to keep from weaving on my feet after getting completely drunk from just one incredibly overly strong drink at the airport bar on an empty stomach and with whom i gave my number and then texts flew thru the big U and to whom i invited to make out with me before i left on that big ol' plane in which he leapt into after just meeting me seconds before and then HE got unsteady on his feet... i don't wanna do laundry and pay bills. i wanna do more of that other stuff...

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