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the story of the evening

good god her dog took the new iPhone under the bed again-the very reason why she had to get yet another phone was that her dog ate the old one. broke it to pieces. the sales lady at the Verizon store thought it was so cute. your dog ate your phone!

she heard the snap and crackle of his teeth against the extra strength plastic protector that she had also bought for the thing. she ran and looked under her bed and saw the iPhone hanging out of his mouth and an aHA! look in his eye. NOW i have your attention! she ran back into her kitchen yelling, YOU WANT SOME CHEESE Picasso?? come get some CHEESE.. of course he came bounding out and she had to give him a treat tho it galled her to reward his naughty behavior - but she needed to keep that damn phone in one piece. shit shit this was the 4th time he had run under the bed with the new phone. she reached under the bed and finds it's a bit more raggedy -however in relief she saw the actual phone is intact. not so much the dolphin or the frog or whatever you call the outside protective thingy.

she eats some leftover tri-tip steak that is defrosting on the counter from the big art party she had a few weeks ago. she picks thru the large bowl for the more well-done pieces of meat, she doesn't want to waste time cooking and most of the meat was bright red. she walks thru the house eating several chunks of the tasty and highly salted meat. now her dog is completely enthralled with her movements and hops along seeing if she would drop some. she doesn't and licks the salt off of her fingers.

a ping sounds, and she looks to see who's messaged her. her GF off of FB, and they chat a bit about this and that, and about their upcoming trip to Spain and Portugal, and she mentions she had a client who offered his house to them when they visit Spain. she mentions that she slept with said client-once- in the car. and it was small. her friend messaged her and said, 'the car was small? or his.. you know'... and she said, 'his you know!' that sent them both into a discussion about about whether or not a big penis is the more desirable or a smaller one-- and of course she says bigger is better but would acquiesce if it was a smaller one but it needed to be cement hard. and her friend agreed, but actuality preferred average size. but also said hardness was imperative. this client of hers was a super hot french- accented spaniard hottie...beautiful in face and body, but not only was his manhood a bit disappointing, his lovemaking style was too fast and frenetic. oh well. never judge a book by it's cover. she still wanted to rent his house in Spain.

her dog whined at her as she sat at the computer. she picked him up and squeezed him hard and scolded him for trying to eat her phone again. she hugged and kissed him several times and he tried to settle on her lap which made it very difficult to type. so she went and got a blanket and wrapped him up tight like a papoose and his eyes rolled back in pleasure and contentment. she found she didn't have to hold him steady when she did so and her arms were free to type at the 'puter.

so she began to write.


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