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  • Sandra Lee

thanks Sonoma!

what a lark! what fun! what friendly people! what peace and contentment is me!!

getting back to my home-grown roots.

i am constantly grateful and happy to have made the move out to the beautiful and home-grown community of Sonoma. from the first week when i watched a mother sheep give birth to twin lambs and watch their first wavering and trembling steps-- (all the while glancing around to see if this was just a normal everyday occurence..) from the helpful new friends inviting me to non-stop events, and the organic bread-maker to the fresh produce sold out of neighboring barns, to the fantastic wait staff at my favorite restaurants and venues. and let's just say my waistline has suffered and expanded in response to the great food and drink (Ernies Tin Bar, hello??) that can be found here. of course there's the wine-so much wine! which sadly, i have to abstain from, but which i still appreciate it's beauty in many other ways.

just the ticket for my new and improved way of life. more writing, more community, more painting, more singing karaoke, more radio talking, more good old fashioned rock n' roll, which comes with the viewing of more beautiful mind-blowing musicians, more gardening and more freedom to do and be what i want to do and be. which is still in the creation process...


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