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the Paintings

It’s a Mystery the Mystery of Me and my sexuality sits propped up in the bedroom jewel tones impossibly blue deep and luscious along with 9~the Whole Egg and the Triplets playing jacks in the kitchen arms and legs akimbo, glancing at their mother pacing the floor Slipping the Collar says haven’t you learned anything and Forsaken murmurs I may be but you have survived and Forgiveness and the MotherFucker is still so fucking big and Yen has no want along with John Gotti in the Purple Rain says oh now you’re thinking I may not be Gotti enough with What Goes Around a story that’s gotten boring in it’s retelling and Muhammad Ali I am the Greatest still resembles a pink va-jay-jay or so the Big Shrugger mused oh so long ago while Untitled and Meaningless says nothing except the ultimate truth that is stated in it’s title while Complicated is in the hall well isn’t everything with Q-tips in the Vortex you won’t be seeing me sucked down in that ManBot scenario again and Descent is just something I’ve fallen into every once in a while so sue me but I am stepping off the cliff waiting to be ReBorn once again and well isn’t that just like Pie in the Eye…

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