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wɔːkə baʊt

day two

6 hours after day one

about 4:45am and it was hotter than hell and the Harley revved it’s engine as it paused outside my window, like it does every night.

lay in bed sweating, and got up and adjusted the fan to bring in cooler air. thought about how little money i have in the bank and what bills need paying. wondered if i am the only person getting out.

peed into the toilet that already had 2 doses, and thought how it wasn’t because i was saving water-good cause tho it was- but because my commode’s stopper inside the tank is so mushy and deteriorated that it didn’t plug the water up. the tank had to be first filled as i stood over it. then the mushy stopper had to be lifted by sticking my hand into the cold water, reminding me that i had to go to the hardware store soon to buy another. then the water had to be turned off at the base again or it ran day and night thereby wasting gallons of water… which reminded me of the need to save water as we were burning up the earth which reminded me how hot it was and i was going to give me roses a drink in the morning which brought to mind the job of giving them away before i move which brought up the list of complaints my lawyer is in the process of compiling to which i should add the fact that i can’t get them out of the backyard without a key to the forbidden gate. i then thought of my lawyer which brought me back to the amount of money i have in the bank as he just yesterday cashed the 2nd check.

laughed again to myself at my friend C’s comment that i had more red flags about this place than at a Chinese parade. the big U said it’s time to go-which i believe i had already outstayed my welcome.

wondered if i am the only person getting out.

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