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if i don't twitter- do i make a sound?

or, in other words, if i'm not on Face Book, do i exist?

it's a funny thing- being off of social media.

oh yeah, i've made big statements, like everyone-

"oh i don't go on that much, i just use it to keep up with the family's vacation pics" but then all of a sudden i am checking how many 'likes' i've gotten- or seeing if someone has 'favorited' or 'retweeted' (is that a word?) especially when i've said something amazing and profound.

the few times i've gotten nothing or just a few pings i wonder- WHERE IS EVERYBODY ???? and how come they don't LIKE me????

so now i'm off... for as long as it takes. it feels amazing and weird at the same time. it's just another tiny level down into my internal walkabout from the things of the world and the Matrix. um, wait, some have said. you're not going to promote your SELF?

yup. not.

however it's only been 24 hours and already i am wondering WHO AM I if the OTHERS aren't constantly updated to what i am doing at any given moment. or thinking. feeling. eating. watching on TV. where i'm located. stunning sunset pics. or in my case, rock pics. along with videos of animal abuse, cop abuse, fires, rape, murder, political views, spiritual quotes, drama, cats doing funny things, emotional propping (oh no, sweetie, you're BEAUTIFUL just the way you are- he's an IDIOT if he doesn't see that!" ) babies laughing, pics of ourselves from 1987 with outrageous permed hair, and more drama. over every thing from break-ups and rantings to dog barfing on the rug and how it affected my day.

or how about the more lofty reasons to post-- promoting myself and my writings of such things. or getting 'likes' for pushing oil paint around on a canvas. (even now, i am wondering how to get this piece on FB somehow.. to make sure you read it and don't forget about me.)

oh the egO of it. the oohs and aahs over all of it. me. who AM I all by my self, with no one to cheer me on, and to confirm that i am wonderful?

we'll see.

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