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there is No Spoon

there Is No Spoon

wrote and wrote. meandered and explained. edited and gave a freakin discourse on why who where. erased and deleted. who cares what i've done, been, learned, experienced in my life. or why i chose to move back here to the Central Coast from the illustrious beaming city of San Francisco that my family has called home for over a 100 years.

simple truth, is this:

told everyone i would never ever move back to the hick town of Atascadero. considered telling everyone i lived in San Luis Obispo, as i did live in that town for a short while and was born there 55 years ago. thought SLO town sounded cooler, more successful and more rich. which it is, compared to A town.

had lived in the very cool and rich area of SF and Marin county la de da for the last 13 years and surrounded my self with a whole lot of very cool and hip with-it people. was considered to be very cool and hip myself.


so it just came down to the fact that A town is the best place for me at this time, for now. ultimately i plan to live in many more hip and cool places, or some not too... but just live there anyway. i never feel stuck in one place.

my ego self has been in hiding embarrassed and a bit ashamed and has been complaining that i haven't heard one thing she’s said. she stamped her feet. she prefers La De Da thank you very much and is chagrinned at the fact that IN this hick town, called Atascadero, she fits in. and so do i.

so there.

there Is No Spoon

oil on canvas

48”x 36”

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