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freedom ing up

and down sizing... er, down

been drooling for years over the youtube vids and the blogs of people who've lived in tiny houses, motorhomes, vintage trailers and even vans! - the most memorable, an astounding young man who lived in his Honda Element

it was a beautiful thing to see and i stood up and applauded that guy for his bravery, invention and adventurous spirit

about to start a life downsizing project right here and right now, today

my 2 cats and weenie dog have no idea and altho they look at me with serene confidence they also let me know they like the present living quarters juuuuuust fine...

as my eyes wander over my possessions i mentally note that there will have to be some extreme purging and already i am making deals with my self -- there's a lot of crap that is definitely not necessary for life - but there are so many things that i love to look at. memorabilia from around the world

along with a shed full of projects

where oh where will i PUT every thing that i Need To Keep? What DO i Need??

ack, it just goes round and round

we'll see how it goes

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