• Sandra Lee

The C Word

sample the C Word


I don't like it either

and it aint a flower

question the C Word


if everyone is doing the

done thing

take another path

more often than not

it will show you

the meaning of Life

be not afraid of the C Word


its been with you since birth

and will take you to the next scene

might as well make friends

with this Creature

let go of the C Word


you don't have it

nor have ever

nor will ever

merely view the C Word


it's been since the beginning

of time

is always part of the ether

don't breathe it in

avoid the C Word


you don't know me

nor ever will

pull back that tone

embrace the C Word


it's yours

all yours

no one else's

take care of it

close the C Word


‘nuff said

cultivate the C Word



see that you're wrong

admit you're powerless

humble your self

learn from your oppressor

possess the C Word


it's your spiritual grace

and is inspiring in the moment

hold the C Word


don't take it personally

all will be as it is

your reaction is created

by you

be the C Word


it will only be for a


but there is ever, only,

the moment

Be It

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