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Sandra was born and raised in a small town in California into a family of four girls - raised by a strict father, and an even more uncompromising religion.   At an early age, she was taught that this belief system was a way of life, with the expectation that her path was set in stone.  The typical events happened; marriage, kids, obligation, responsibility, and were intertwined with the rules, restrictions and conformity that had become the reality of her existence.   

In 1998, her mother’s death became the catalyst for change, and choice.


‘Choice’ became the concept that blew apart the belief system that had ruled her life until then.  The concept was astounding.  At that time, Sandra described it was like "jumping off a cliff" - where the future was unknown, the choices daring, independent of previous beliefs, but where they were finally her own.


So at age 40, she "jumped off the cliff," and broke away completely from everything from her previous life – and began experiencing  L I F E itself.  From there, life as an expressionist began… as a painter, a dancer, a muse, a writer, a viewer of beauty and truth.


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Artist's Statement

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